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Horsemanship clinic with


Nick Kehler has been in the horse industry for many years. He’s a highly acclaimed trainer with customers across Canada and the US. 


Nicks spent many years traveling to Texas, Oklahoma and Alberta while training/riding/showing with many world renowned professional trainers. He’s also ridden and taken care of world famous cutting and reining horses. His attention to detail when it comes to training an all around sale soft broke horse is proven by how his horses ride and perform.


If you are looking for a clinic that focuses on getting a horse to trust you, feel safe, calm,  relaxed and become soft and light this is one you will want to take. Nick will help each individual one on one with their horses and also help with basic walk, jog and lope exercises and fun reining maneuvers at a slow pace. Proper foundation is the key here. If you're looking to get more advanced he will show you how

This will be a fun and informative day!  NIck has work on some of our horses over  the years and this if a photo of him riding  our gelding HIgh Dash of Hickory  on cattle ! Contact us or more info and to book your spot.

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