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Not sure what you need for your dog, but want to make sure everything is covered? Look no further - we've conveniently bundled the top 3 essentials into one easy purchase!  This Essentials trio comes with 3 different products - a bottle of TriSana Hemp Oil, and a  bag each of Joint and Muscle and the Complete Canine. 



  Hemp Oil improves skin integrity, which keeps the skin hydrated. It also increases coat thickness, length, and quality, adding an unbelievable shine to your dog's coat. Hemp Oil is recommended as a great nutritional boost for every dog at every stage of its life. It may also improve the quality of life for senior dogs, as well as active dogs with its anti inflammatory properties, as well as its cardio and respiratory health promotion properties.  Hemp Oil is also a superb all-around oil to add. There is no shine like the oil shine! 


Joint + Muscle is for your dog if you are wishing to do a bit of active prevention, or your dog is just starting to show a little bit of discomfort due to joints, arthritis, and chronic inflammatory conditions.This limited ingredient blend combines the powerful properties of Green Lipped Mussel and MSM to provide your pup with increased joint comfort, flexion, and joint illness prevention.


 Complete Canine really is the complete package for your dog! Want to make sure they're getting everything they could need, but don't need anything in specific? This is the mix for you - Hemp protein, Brewer's Yeast, Rosehip, Kelp, and Spirulina round out this superfood mix! Complete Canine is a natural whole food mineral and vitamin mix designed to support your dog's whole system, from the inside out. It contains a plethora of minerals to help with everything from nail health, to coat health, proper muscle function and repair, and everything in between. We could go on about all its benefits from hormones to weight balance too!  Complete Canine is a great supplement to round out any dog's diet.




Everyday Essentials Canine

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