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This is a must have bundle for any performance or hard working canine! This trio is your dogs ultimate protection for his joints, muscles and overall health. 


Osteoarthritis, which refers to the damage of the cartilage in the joint as well as chronic inflammation, is a common form of arthritis in dogs. It may initiate at any age, but are often not diagnosed until later in life, when mobility issues and pain are already significant symptoms. It is imperative for the prevention of this disease, that care and supplementation is provided at an early stage for ultimate longevity, comfort and health.


The Performance Bundle contains a bag each of our cold pressed Spirulina Tablets, Joint + Muscle PLUS, and a bottle of Hemp Oil.  


Save 10% on each of these items when purchased as this bundle as opposed to purchasing seperately.


Hemp Seed Oil is certified 100% Canadian cold-pressed hemp oil. Hemp oil improves skin integrity, which keeps the skin hydrated. It also increases coat thickness, length, and quality, adding an unbelievable shine to your dog's coat. It contains some unique potent anti inflammatory fatty acids, that will help your dog with exercise recovery and overall body inflammation (whether from arthritis or exercise induced). Hemp oil has been shown to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, and joint health.


Spirulina Tablets are LIKE SUPERFOOD TIC TACS for dogs! Spirulina is an algae superfood, which helps cleanse the blood, increases oxygen circulation, and acts as a pre-biotic by feeding the healthy bacteria in the gut and boosting digestive ability. It is a source of potent and unique anti inflammatories, source of omega 3s, as well a complete source of amino acids! This will help reduce inflammation, help with stamina, and muscle building!


Joint and Muscle PLUS has been precisely formulated to provide your dog's body with all levels of help against inflammation and damage. It provides collagen, which is a major building block in tissues, such as in ligaments, tendons, skin and muscles. It helps to fortify bones and provides increased elasticity in the tissues. The golden root turmeric has been used for centuries and is known for its high effectiveness when used for arthritis, and joint health, mobility and function.  Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) is a natural source of glucosamine precursors and chondroitin, aiding in ligament and tissue health. GLM have been used for centuries for their potent nutrients, vitamins, and minerals including vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, copper, iodine, and manganese, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, as well as a natural form of glucosamine and chondroitin. Lastly, MSM rounds out this formula with its high anti oxidative properties, easing inflammation, acting as a painkiller, and is an important precursor component to to joint fluid and tissues. 



Phew! As you can see, this trio is PACKED with benefits for your dog's health! This is a perfect bundle for any active dog, whether training, hiking, competition, or working on the farm!

Performance Bundle Canine

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