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Equine Magic Metabolic


Our Magic Metabolic mix is an exciting new blend, with only powerful whole food active ingredients. These ingredients work synergistically to balance your horse from the inside out. Helping to reduce blood sugars, balancing hormones and insulin levels. Hemp is high in fiber and is a great source of anti-inflammatories, omega fatty acids, and all necessary amino acids. Spirulina helps balance the glucose in the blood.

Our Magnesium has been shown to reduce the risks and symptoms of I/R and cushings diseases. 


Together, these 4 ingredients are the perfect effective combination for any of your horse's struggling with these symptoms, or for the prevention of them


  • Ingredients

    Chaste Tree Berry, Hemp, Magnesium Chloride, Spirulina


  • Recommended For

    Magic Metabolic blend is best for horses struggling with blood sugar control, and conditions such as metabolic disease, insulin resistance, and cushings disease. 

Magic Metabolic Equine

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