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Forgo the mess from the powder with these convenient superfood tablets. Same great nutrition + benefits as with the powder you know and love - but now also available in cold-pressed tablets!


Spirulina is one of the richest sources of protein available, at up to 70% protein, leading to decreased muscle damage and inflammation while increasing stamina and performance.

Spirulina is also a super supplement to provide to horses with dermatitis, heaves, allergies, sweet itch, or hives.


  • Feeding Instructions

    2 TBSP per day

    A 1kg bag lasts the average horse 68 days.


Recommended For

TriSana Nutrition Spirulina is recommended for any horses needing increased fitness, stamina and recovery - whether young horses getting started, mature horses getting fit or increasing their level, or seniors needing a boost. It is recommended for horses needing help with a healthy weight, gain or loss. Horses with Equine Metabolic syndrome, or horses suffering from headshaking, hives, heaves, or allergies

Spirulina Tablets Equine

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